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Prospective Sponsors

My Passion Plus Your Help

Bicycles have always been a passion of mine. In 2013 my love grew deeper starting to ride mountain bikes. 2016 was my first year attempting to compete at a pro level and looking at mountain biking in a professional manor. I learned A LOT to say the least but I was fortunate enough to meet great people and get invited to some amazing events/places. It pushed me to hit some of the world's biggest jumps and ride with the world's best riders. For 2018, I plan to attend the events I have in the past as well giving more effort in training and progressing to the next level. I want to push myself and see where my full capabilities take me. 

Traveling & Filming 

In this era that we live in, we are surrounded by the internet and social media. Content is being produced and shared faster than ever. I plan to embrace this growing culture and share my riding with the world. I plan to travel both domestically and internationally for events such as Black Sage Fest in Oregon and Royal Fest in France. I will share my travels through photo and video via social media and websites within the mountain bike community.

My Dedication To You 

I believe that I would be a great representative for your company. By building a partnership, we can benefit from each other. With your help, I would be able to attend more well-known, bigger events and in turn I will share these experiences through short videos and photos across websites and social media platforms. I plan to represent sponsor logos on my bicycle, gear, street wear, vehicles, video content, social media, as well as daily personal representation.


  • Fest Series:3-4 stops

  • SEA OTTER CLASSIC: April 2019



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